Eaglelinks Golf Schools is a new and exciting trend in golf schools. It is the answer to choosing the right golf school. Remember, most golf schools have nothing to do with improving your golf game. They just want to mislead you in thinking that a prettier golf swing will improve your game.

The Schools are everything you wanted in a golf school. You will learn how to improve your golf swing and most importantly, you will learn how to improve your score ! And at the same time you will have fun ! You will be able to relax and enjoy learning golf. After all, golf is a recreational sport, which means you are doing it to relax and/or have fun !

Give the Eaglelinks Golf Schools an opportunity for them to work for you. When you decide to make your next accomodations with the Eaglelinks Golf Schools, you will have started a new trend in your life as well as your golf game.

When you sign up, you will be playing the golf course more often, because that is where you will learn how to achieve a better score. In addition, you will have all the time in the world to relax at our famous resorts or you will have the conviences to practice your golf game at any of our beautiful practice facilities. Go ahead......."UNLEASH" that power !

One and Three Day Golf Packages
Five and Seven Day Golf Packages
'Create Your Own' Golf Package



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