Golf School Sign-Up Instructions

1) First, decide on how many days you want to attend the golf school. Once you decide, select your option....TWO, THREE, FIVE, SEVEN or COMPLETE PACKAGE. Then select the type of school you want to attend. Select a school that has 1) Golf lessons only. 2) Playing lessons only. 3) A combination of the two. Then select how many students (friends) will participate each month.

2) Now you are ready to complete your golf lessons through e-mail by filling out the required forms.

3) Type in your name and e-mail address. Then type in your area code and phone number (if you do not wish to give out this information then type in 123. Then type in your credit card number and expiration date, "send receipt to", would be the address for us to send your receipt. Or if you prefer, you can use our return e-mail as your receipt. NOTE...if you decide to use your e-mail as a receipt, then you must type in the word "E-MAIL" in this section.

One and Three Day Golf Packages
Five and Seven Day Golf Packages
'Create Your Own' Golf Package

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