How do you know when you have found the right golf instructor? Does your golf swing look awesome? Are you hitting your driver 500 yards? Do you have the best golf clubs in town? Or are you shooting lower golf scores?

The golf industry has a lot of golf instructors who think they know how to teach golf. The golf industry also has a lot of companies who have to meet their monthly quotas in golf lesson revenue.

As golfers of all levels we can be mislead into believing that a golf instructor will make our golf game better. A golf instructor can help you. (just like club fitting can help you). They are not always the solution. Remember, it is the student who will make the golf instructor a good one. The golf instructor does not make the student a good golfer. The golfer makes the golfer a good golfer!

The golf instructor can coach you. That is good! The golf instructor can educate you about YOUR golf swing and what research has proven to be effective. That is good! The bottom line is that the more you practice the right things to improve YOUR golf game the better the golf instructor will be. It might take you a little time to find the right golf instructor. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money in doing so. A lot of golf facilities offer free golf lessons or golf clinics for a very low price. Feeling comfortable with and understanding a golf instructor is the opportunity you will have when you attend these programs.

The following is a list of qualifications that will assist you in finding the right golf instructor:

  • An education in more than golf.
  • Continuing education in the golf industry.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good personality and/or attitude. ****
  • Has patience.
  • Knows the universal basics.
  • Gets results.
  • Years of experience.
  • A good player shown by their ability to demonstrate the right techniques.
  • Has the ability to teach right-handed or left-handed and can demostrate the right techniques both right-handed and left-handed.
  • Uses their experience and knowledge to find what is right for you according to your abilities.
  • Willing to help improve your golf game rather than your wallet.
  • A good clean appearance. The respectful presence of a golf instructor can bring discipline to the golf lesson especially with children.
  • An instructor who has a good golf swing. Remember, children will take photographs rather than listen to an instructor. Children copy every move you make.

NOTE: A good golf instructor may not be a good player. A good player may not be a good golf instructor.

NOTE: Some instructors have a lot of experience but they may not have the updated knowledge to teach what is right for you.



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